Institutional Development

The African Democratic Institute (ADI) believes the most important element to strengthen democracy in Africa is institutional development. In the previous century Africa was focused on fighting colonialism and establishing democratic rule. This century requires a relentless effort towards strengthening emerging democracies through the establishment, support, and improvement of democratic and governance institutions. ADI specializes in designing unique concepts and models to help protect, shape and improve emerging democracies in collaboration with African governments, continental/regional bodies, private sector.


Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust (AAEST)

In November 2014, the ADI brokered the first- ever African Union/ Private Sector Roundtable in response to the Ebola outbreak. The purpose of the intervention for ADI was to build democratic processes by integrating the private sector with the political drivers to tackle a continental emergency. ADI further coordinated and managed the establishment of the Africa Against Ebola Solidarity Trust (AAEST).

The mandate of the Trust was to respond to the call of the AU to fund raise for the deployment of 1000 health workers to Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Liberia. ADI’s intervention saw to the building of a sustainable partnership between Africa’s private sector and the AU. This partnership ensures a permanent institution is established at the continental level, which allows for multi – sectoral collaboration both in emergency situations and in developmental issues.
This historic institution has evolved to supporting the establishment and management of the African Centre for Disease Control.