Day 1: Female Genital Mutilation
November 25, 2016
Day 3: Femicide
November 27, 2016

Day 2: Female Infanticide

From 25 November (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), to 10 December (Human Rights Day) a 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign allows people to capture the challenges women face through active campaigning and events.
In support of the campaign, the African Democratic Institute (ADI) will run a photo series of everyday women depicting various forms of sexual and gender-based violence inflicted against women and children, in order to raise awareness and encourage dialogue on methods of combating them.

Female infanticide

Female infanticide is the deliberate killing of girl babies. It is also described as gender-selective killing or “gendercide”. Female infanticide is more common than male infanticide, and in some countries, particularly India and China, is likely to have serious consequences on the balance of the sexes in the population. The reasons behind it are almost always cultural, rather than directly religious.

“We can no longer stand by as women are murdered for one reason and one reason only, because they are women.  The crime of femicide is growing all over the world and often remains unpunished.  It is a human rights violation that is characterized by misunderstanding and impunity.” Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile