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November 29, 2016
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December 1, 2016

Day 6: Crime: Gunshot

From 25 November (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), to 10 December (Human Rights Day) a 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence Campaign allows people to capture the challenges women face through active campaigning and events.

In support of the campaign, the African Democratic Institute (ADI) will run a photo series of everyday women depicting various forms of sexual and gender-based violence inflicted against women and children, in order to raise awareness and encourage dialogue on methods of combating them.

Story: Oscar Pistorius ‘dressed Reeva Steenkamp’s body after shooting her dead in violent struggle’

Investigators claim Reeva’s gunshot wounds didn’t match up with the top she was wearing when her body was found Oscar Pistorius dressed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp ‘s body after shooting her dead in a violent struggle, it has been claimed. Investigators allege that the paralympian must have been dressed the model after she was killed because her gunshot wounds didn’t match up with the top she was wearing.

It comes as a never before seen CCTV image of Reeva driving into Pistorious’s estate apparently wearing the same black vest she was found in has emerged. The shocking claims have been made after a year-long probe by South African investigators. They claim the last minutes of the model’s life were “absolute hell” as she had a life and death struggle with her violent lover.

Double amputee Pistorius, 29, is facing more than a decade behind bars for the murder of Reeva on Valentine’s Day in 2013. He is due to be sentenced in June for Reeva’s murder and is currently staying at his uncle’s house in Pretoria after having an electronic tag fitted.

He gunned down his law graduate girlfriend as she cowered in the toilet in Oscar’s home. He has always claimed it was a tragic accident and he was convinced she was in fact an intruder. But brothers Thomas and Calvin Mollett claim the blood-soaked crime scene, damage to Reeva’s clothes and unexplained injuries on her body, indicate a fierce life and death battle between the lovers. In their book Oscar vs The Truth the forensic investigators concluded Reeva must have been dressed by the the paralympic athlete after she died.

They found a mismatch between her gunshot wounds and the vest top she was found lying dead in – the same top she was wearing on CCTV footage after she arrived hours earlier. “Reeva could not have been wearing the black vest she was wearing when Oscar brought her downstairs from the bathroom after the shooting,” Thomas Mollet said. “It can only have been put on afterwards. We can’t say when or why he decided to put it on her, we can only say it was certainly not worn at the time she died.

“There is absolutely no sign of any hole in the vest resulting from the bullet wound to her hip – and the vest is a long one. “There is no sign of the bullet that struck her chest. And there is very little blood on the vest and it would have been really soaked with blood if she’d been wearing it at the time of the shooting.” He also said the cricket bat’s rubber handle had been torn and stretched, suggesting a struggle.

His theory is the athlete blocked Reeva from walking out on him by yanking off her jeans, and tugging off her vest – and severely grazing her nipple in the process. The terrified model then fled to the toilet, naked from the waist up, grabbing a pair of her violent lover’s shorts to put on.

“If you look at the scene, the chaos, the evidence in totality, the damage to the doors, and the unaccounted for injuries on Reeva’s body and link all that to what the neighbours heard, then you can only conclude that the last minutes of her life were absolute hell,” Thomas said.

“And yet Oscar was never asked about really any of this at his trial. “The police took all the pictures of what had gone on, but the investigation didn’t appear to look into how any of it happened. It is incredible, really.” Among the evidence analysed by the brothers was a picture reportedly showing a bundle of black bin bags and tape next to her body after she was brought downstairs.

The bags were apparently used to stem the flow of Reeva’s blood, although photographs from the scene showed little blood. Perplexed Thomas said that it seemed ‘illogical’ that black bags would be used to stem blood as they aren’t absorbent. Pistorius was later sentenced to six years in prison.


  • In South Africa, guns are not infrequently used in domestic violence, but exposure to such violence may also be causally related to gun ownership.
  • Working men who had witnessed the abuse of their mothers were three times more likely to be arrested for illegal gun ownership as adults after adjustments for confounders; this study calculated that 30% of illegal gun possession would not have occurred if there had been no childhood exposure to domestic violence.
  • Guns are often used in rape – in 40.9% of rapes of adult women reported to the police in Gauteng Province in 2003. Overall, a gun was the most commonly used weapon in 19.3% of all crimes comitted against adults.