February 13, 2016
International Women’s Day 2016 – Celebrating women, accelerating gender parity
March 18, 2016


President Ameenah Gurib
Currency Mauritian Rupee
Capital City Port Louis
GDP (2015) $23322 Billion
Population(2014) 1.261.208
Religion Hinduism, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism
Language English, French, Mauritian Creole
Government Parliamentary Republic
Democracy Ranking 32


Since its independence, the 12th March, 1968, the Republic of Mauritius has evolved to one of Africa’s most prosperous economies and is known for its racial, religious, cultural and linguistic diversity. The first colonisers of the island were the Dutch, followed by a long period of French rule which was surrendered to the British in 1810. Being part of the Commonwealth of Nation, the former British colony first established a constitutional monarchy with the British monarch being its executive power.

1992, twenty-four years after gaining independence, Mauritius was proclaimed a Parliamentary republic with the President being the head of state and the prime minister being the head of government. Being a demographically diverse country, the Nation does not have an official language, but several spoken ones with French and English being the most common. The recent social and economic success of the country is mainly based on its flourishing tourism-, textile-, and banking industries.