Happy Independence Day Botswana #GetToKnowBotswana

Fred Swaniker announced as the winner of the PALP Award.
September 28, 2015
Happy Independence Day Nigeria #GetToKnowNigeria
October 1, 2015

Happy Independence Day Botswana #GetToKnowBotswana

British protectorate of Bechuanaland, Botswana adopted its new name at independence in 1966. More than four decades of uninterrupted civilian leadership, progressive social policies, and significant capital investment have created one of the most stable economies in Africa. Mineral extraction, principally diamond mining dominates economic activity, though tourism is a growing sector due to the country’s conservation practices and extensive nature preserves.

It is the continent’s longest continuous multi-party democracy. It is relatively free of corruption and has a good human rights record. Botswana has one of the world’s highest known rates of HIV/AIDS infection, but also one of Africa’s most progressive and comprehensive programs for dealing with the disease. Since the introduction of antiretroviral drugs in 2001 Botswana started giving free access to the pills; HIV education is now a priority in schools while the government is working to eradicate cultural traditions that spread the virus. Preventive methods i.e. condoms and circumcision are now encouraged especially amongst high risk groups like sex workers, men who have sex with men, young men and women etc. [1]

President Ian Khama
Currency Botswana Pula
Capital City Gaborone
GDP per capita (2014) US$ 15.81 billion
Population (2014) 2.220 million
Religion Christian, Hindu, Habai Faith, Islam
Surface area 600 730 km2
Language Tswana
Government Parliamentary Republic.
Democracy Ranking (2015 World) 39[1]

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